Ian Taylor

Technical Manager

Jedi Master of Computer Information Systems

A proud alumnus of Middle Tennessee State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Information Systems, Ian Taylor transitioned into the realm of healthcare technology with Cigna Healthspring, where he held esteemed roles as a Sr. Developer and later, an Infrastructure Engineer. This journey equipped him with an intricate understanding of healthcare-related data/reporting and cultivated an exceptional proficiency with SQL.

At TriYoung, Ian’s core responsibilities encompass a myriad of tasks. He is the linchpin between the Dev/Support teams, meticulously curating requests and requirements. His expertise shines through when addressing backend issues, crafting intricate reports, or liaising with clients on technical matters in collaboration with the Support team. His professional vision is crystal clear – simplify the lives and jobs of clients by assisting with data integration and comprehensive reporting.

Ian’s journey to IT is both intriguing and relatable. Post high school, faced with a sea of career options yet uncertain tides, Ian began his college journey majoring in Accounting. However, destiny had other plans. A transformative conversation with campus guidance introduced him to the mesmerizing world of Business IT, setting him on his destined path.

Self-proclaimed as “Information Technology personified”, Ian’s personal mission resonates with problem-solving. Given an IT-related conundrum, his unwavering drive is to craft a solution that suffices the needs of all stakeholders. Off the clock, Ian’s passion revolves around the ever-evolving sphere of technology. Be it cutting-edge computers, avant-garde entertainment systems, or the latest tech trends, he is perpetually intrigued by technological advances – and humorously acknowledges the struggle of keeping up with his tech wish list.